Encounter with the City- Beloved 2016.jp

Gallerist as Interventionalist: Collaborations as Strategy Group exhibition of Mumbai Galleries, 2017

Encounters of the City - Beloved


Face off.jpg

Face-Off : Irony and Humor in a Critical Age, 2016

Analysis and Association: Analogies of Forms, Alke Reeh, 2016

Sometimes it is always
Ale de la Puente , 2016

Always Forever now 
Sajjad Ahmed, 2015 

Leftover now and other stories 
Elena Periera 2015 

History is....
Anita Dube, Waqas Khan, Shaurya Kumar, Nandita Kumar , 2015

Space Phrases
Parul Gupta, 2015

Let the brainfly, Immersive Environment, Nandita Kumar, 2014

Transcendental Evocations:
Contemporary Art from Mexico, 2014
Miss Butterfly 
Shadi Ghadhirian, 2013

Uncomfortable Numb Investigating the Uncanny in Contemporary times, 2013

Eye Etc...
Anita Dube, March, 2013
Anita Dube, 2013
Dance of the Retina, 
Waqas khan, 2012

The Invisible Hand Guides us all to 
our gainful end Vandana Jain

Research pod at lakeeren
Cardinal Maridians: 
New Geometries of the infinite, 2012
The Lost Museum
Shaurya Kumar, 2012

Listen to your Eye...
Sharmila Samant, 2012 

Winding Time ....
Objects, Drawing and Video Art

Zarina Hashmi...
Anamnesis 1970 - 1981, 2011

They Said it was love...
Imran Quershi & Atif Khan, 2011

The Second Sex..
Feminist Photography on the Cusp

Anita Dube, 2011

Even Infinity Takes Time
Waqas khan, 2010

Indian Life : 
Am Archeology of Change, 2010

Punctum Part 2
A Critical Look at Landscape 
in South Asian Photography, 2010

Punctum Part 1
A Critical Look at The Body 
in South Asian Photography, 2010

All that is solid melts into Air 
Indian Contemporary Art in Global Times, 2009

Drawing from the Present
Chitra Ganesh, 2014