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Earth Over Sky 1  (Complexity Series), 2010
(Edition 1/7 + 2 AP)
Digital Print
111 X 150 cm
DV - 01

Water Over Water 1 (Complexity Series), 2010 

(Edition 2/7 + 2 AP)

Digital Print

111 x 150 cm

DV - 03

Water Over Water 2 (Complexity Series), 2010
(Edition  1/7 + 2 AP)
Digital Print
112 X 150 cm
DV - 02
Wind Over Earth 1 (Complexity Series), 2013
(Edition 1/7 + 2 AP)
Digital Print
111 X 150 cm
DV - 04

Darshana Vora is a London based conceptual artist with a multidisciplinary practice in digital artwork, moving image and site specific installation. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally since 1997. A background in architecture, an interest in spatial dynamics and an exploration of Buddhist philosophies inform her choice of aesthetics. Her works are inspired by the urban fabric of the city, it's rituals, processes and imagery - fusing the public with the private to form a dialogue. Some exhibitions include Alternative Art Education (Slow) Marathon UK2020, VAICA Festival Mumbai 2019, 'Mind|Mirror'at the Video festival at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai, 2015, ‘The Home and The World’ Contemporary Photography - Aicon Gallery, New York, USA, 2010. 

About the Work

We experience the world by interpreting and finding our place in it. Whilst our left brain is concerned with our sense of safety in our immediate surroundings, our right brain is transpersonal -  where the experience of self extends beyond the personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, psyche or cosmos, looking for patterns and connections. Holding these two aspects together, the works in the series are presented as mirrored images evoking the immensity of nature within which humans are positioned as individuals reflected and reflecting, creating their realities in the Age of Aquarius.  Seen as a whole, the mirroring creates patterns(right brain function), allowing us a distanced, observational stance whilstinducing an analytical and emotional response(left-brain function)when one focuses on any one quarter of the image.

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