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If In a Sacred Land A Traveler

100+ drawings, Gold leaf, oil, varnish on Rives BFK, 5" x 4" (drawing), 19" x 14" (paper)

These drawings from the series If in a sacred land a traveler… are inspired by recent travels and memories of places and objects that the artist has encountered, each gold leaf symbolizing the mark left by a pilgrim on a religious site as an act of reverence or devotion. The marks are created by removing the gold leaf, scratching the otherwise beautifully embellished and pristine surface of gold. Kumar is particularly interested in the aspect of human intervention; the mark that a person leaves that changes history or the association to the object. He appropriates not just materials, but also the traditions. His work adds to a new meaning by sometimes destroying the object and sometimes defacing it, but in the end, nurturing it with a new invented narrative.

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