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Anita Dube

neti neti 2.jpg

Neti Neti (A Blue Print for a Revolution)


8 feet x 8 feet 

Votive Eyes

Edition - 2/3 

Neti Neti (not this, not this either) is a labyrinth constructed with the eyes of Gods, what are called Ishwarke Netra. Threedrawing fragments are superimposed one on top of the other: the first- a ‘kollam’ floor pattern; the second- a grid map of Alaknanda an area in Delhi where I reside; and the third- a random doodle on a blank piece of paper.Out of this tussle between different structuringprinciples: the past (tradition), present (location), and the future (dynamic and random), a terrible beauty arises, negating thatwhich is oppressive, and transforming it towards new possibilities. 

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