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Untitled (continuum), 2020
Edition 5/5
28 × 20 1/2 in , 71.1 × 52.1 cm
PW - 01 
Untitled (oscilate #0),2011
Graphite on Paper
24 x 24 x 2 in
PW - 02

American b. 1982   —  Born and raised in New York, Weinreb has been in the same Long Island City studio for over a decade. From there, his works have found their way to international shows in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. Stateside, Weinreb has been included in exhibitions at the The Queens Museum, the Asia Society Texas Center, the Asia Society Museum, and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, among others.

About the Work

Palden Weinreb’s multimedia sculptures and sublime, precisely rendered drawings respond to a range of influences from utopian modernism and science to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. In doing so, the artist explores concepts of existence and liminal spaces. Formal Buddhist motifs are recast by the artist in a minimalist aesthetic to allude to the ethereal forces bridging a distant, forgotten past with an undiscovered future. The meditative quality of the work aspires to transcend the viewer’s perception to consider realms of the universe that lie beyond our current comprehension.

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